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      Welcome to Yilong Electrical Appliance Website


      Hairclipper Strength Manufacturer

      Absorbed HairclipperR&D/Production/Customization


      138-0961-9725 0769-8166-7689
      • EL-317Hair clipper

        EL-317Hairdressing appliance

        Repeated use

        Easy to replace parts

        Parts do not heat easily


      • EL-318Hair clipper

        EL-318Hairdressing appliance

        Direct plug charging

        Shaving is easy to change

        Battery durability


      • EL-337Hair clipper

        EL-337Hairdressing appliance

        Multifunctional integration

        Easy to operate

        Durable endurance


      • EL-338Hair clipper

        EL-338Hairdressing appliance

        Multiple Options

        Convenience and simplicity


        Multifunctional integration

      Yilong Product

      How was Yilong's high-quality hairdresser product born?

      Strict Quality Inspection of Product Layer by Layer, High Qualification Rate of Outgoing Factory


      Yilong has many design and development engineers.

      Yilong is a professional hairdressing tool hairdresser manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. It has more than 10 years experience in hairdressing tool industry. It can provide mature product R&D programs.


      Strict screening of raw materials

      Yilong Electrical Appliances has many raw material suppliers to supply steadily, strictly control the purchase of raw materials and screen raw materials layer by layer to ensure the high quality of Yilong's final products.


      Standardized production

      Years of experience in hairdressing tools production, through rational design to reduce waste, mass production of standard pipeline, unified manufacturing process, relying on the overall industrial chain of the Pearl River Delta.


      Pure manual assembly + international standard process

      Many skilled workers, pure manual assembly of various accessories, product quality control not only reflects the harsh technical standards, but also reflects Yilong's pursuit of excellence in quality.


      Layer by layer strict quality inspection

      All products of Yilong Electric Appliances have to go through strict testing procedures far higher than international standards. The quality inspectors have to inspect them one by one. All products have passed 3C/CE and other certifications without any defects.

      What else should a good barber manufacturer pay attention to?

      Common Choice of Hair-dressing Chains in China

      • 益龍 01

        CompanyscaleWhat about?

      • 益龍 02

        QualityIs it really good?

      • 益龍 03

        PriceIs it reasonable?

      • 益龍 04

        Whether it can be or notOEMCustomized?

      • 益龍 05

        After saleAre there any guarantees?

      Choose Yilong,High quality Hair clipper

      Wholesale Customization Hotline:138-0961-9725

      • 實力廠家

        Strength manufacturers

        Years of hairdresser tools research and development and production experience, looking for hairdresser suppliers wholesale, professional talent!

      • 廠家直銷

        Direct deal

        Factory direct sales, eliminating intermediaries, for you to save 75% of the procurement budget.

      • 款式眾多

        Various styles

        Yilong has its own R&D and design engineers, and has more than 20 funds to meet your diverse procurement needs.

      • 供貨及時

        Timely delivery

        Yilong has a strong warehousing strength, and cooperates with many brands of logistics, so that you can receive goods quickly.

      • 遠銷海外

        find a market abroad

        Yilong product quality assurance, through 3C/CE certification, products are exported to 26 countries and regions abroad.

      • 貼心售后

        Close after-sales

        24 hours fast response, provide you with localized lifelong maintenance services, lifelong maintenance, one year replacement.

      Yilong - makeSuperior quality Hairclipper

      Free calls,Yilong Creates Your Owned Barber Tool


      Submit customization immediately :

      Submit an appointment

      Yilong — Ten years'persistence,Has been building high-quality hairdresser tools for the beauty industry

      Dongguan yi dragon electrical appliance co., LTD. Is a collection of research, development, production, sales as one of the barber appliances production enterprise; Now the main production professional hairdressing apparatus, yi dragon BaByliss appliances general manager has the international brand, ...

      • 10

        Years of focus on hairdressing tools
        R&D and production

      • 800

        Daily production capacity

      • 10200

        Hairdressers throughout the province
        Common Choice

      Yilong's reputation derives from successful customer witness

      Testimony of successful clients

      It's not just individuals and businesses that recognize Yilong.

      Recognized Y ilong


      News Center

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