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      How to clean up the maintenance after haircut is used?

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      In the modern family, a haircut is synonymous with fashion, usually in the cognition of the public, need to go to the barber shop, a haircut and abroad, consumers not only go to the barber modelling, also bought a used his family of a haircut to a haircut for his family. With the gradual improvement of the domestic consumption level, more and more families to realize a haircut in the home is a healthy lifestyle, fashion consumption concept gradually shift from exquisite fashion to focus on health, buy the family special haircut, has become many emerging family care appliances one of the necessary standard.
      Clean up the maintenance
      Generally cut machine adopts separate structure, segment detachable, to facilitate cleaning with water after each use. Drop a few drops of oil after cleaning is recommended to protect head.
      The motor
      Haircut apparatus of power, the faster the speed power is fuller, general adult of barber's speed is higher, because the adult hair is hard, but the relative vibration is relatively large; The infant TongFa soft, rotation speed, vibration is small.
      A shaft
      A haircut is driving part, connect the motor and rotary cutter. In the high speed of the motor, the rotor shaft and grooves of the cutting tools to cooperate with each other, make the cutter tooth reciprocating motion of the cutting tools. A shaft made of plastic or iron and copper, because it is high speed, belong to the type of wear parts, so the metal shaft is better than regular plastic, copper is better than iron.

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