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      A haircut and the children of different adult

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      A haircut and the children of different adult
      Adult haircut, manual and electric, manual, also known as electric pusher, over the past one hundred years, mainly by this kind of manual electric pusher to complete haircuts, adult children in the use of this kind of haircut; Electric also is what we see in the barber shop at ordinary times, the titanium alloy bit and steel knife head of the cutting tools, its features are:
      1, long service life, can be recharged while a haircut, as requiring the use of long time, so take battery storage capacity will be more;
      2, because the hair compared to the children, adults are more thick, more hard, so the requirement of more sufficient power to;
      3, size is larger, can understand the functional demand, filling needs bigger battery, surface of the cutting tools is wide;
      4, due to the requirement and durable, cutter material is steel, titanium and other durable good material.
      Baby/children/baby haircut
      With the era development, market segment is more and more refined, a haircut is also slowly to the birth of a new new niche business, specializes in children's hair also as people living standard rise, to pay more and more attention to the protection of children, is becoming more and more been introduce. Children born haircut is the starting point is to the health of children, let children immunity is not so perfect, especially when head growth is not yet complete, as far as possible avoid contact with the source of infection, also put forward every child should have a belongs to own a haircut.
      Children's hair machine features:
      Due to users in a large part of all is mother of children barber, so the design of the light for a small, operation is simple, and should have protective measures, should be a sufficient battery power savings by kids a haircut, for the sake of the safety of the children, should try to avoid filling while the principle, cleaning more convenient, the volume to be low.
      (1) security: cutting head design for safety and reasonable, use the rounded design, so as not to scratch the baby;
      (2) the mute: low noise design, even in the baby to sleep can complete a haircut;
      (3) worry: plug-in design, more environmentally friendly;
      (4) with clever positioning comb, without technology can easily trim the 3-6-9-12 mm hair;
      (5) professional ceramic cutter, avoid scratch baby tender scalp;
      (6) a full range of accessories including barber wai cloth comb, brush, lubricating oil, positioning, powder puff, chargers, etc;
      (7) for 0-12 for the baby

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