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      EL - 337 electric hair is how to maintain

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      EL - 337 electric hair is how to maintain
      Electric hair is generally divided into the battery type and plug-in.
      1. The battery type of hair does not need to use plug, only the battery is full. Common electric hair implement common market has built-in lithium battery, built-in nimh batteries, nickel cadmium battery built-in and external these batteries, including lithium batteries for electric performance, commonly used in high-grade hair of device; External battery and a built-in nickel-cadmium batteries removed because not environmental protection for foreign markets.
      2. The belt line plug haircut is more commonly used in the barber shop, because use "frequent, require constant power supply.
      The charger
      Charging necessary standard type of hair accessories. Charging a haircut device support rushed into common market dual (batteries are connected to the power supply can continue to use), different models should pay attention to a haircut is a mixture of charger, to secure the charger needs to have 3 c certification.
      Maintenance of a haircut
      1, the maintenance of the cutting tools: family use of children's hair is essentially waterproof model. Baby take off after the haircut segment, with included little brush along the edge direction the scurf wipe, and then rinse the segment, must be dried after cleaning to prevent rust. After waiting for cutting head completely dry on drop a few drops of lubricating oil on the blade. Remember to regular replacement of the cutting tools.
      2, airframe maintenance: use a small hair brush to clean the fuselage motor head of hair, must not with electric water head, prevent body into the water. Don't use the acid cleaning skin, had better use neutral lotion wipe the fuselage.
      3, battery maintenance: in order to maintain the service life of the battery, after use the best charge again, under normal use will put the electric clean again in a while we charge it with electricity, if long time don't have to lie between period of time to charge.

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