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      A haircut during use should pay attention to matters

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      A haircut during use should pay attention to matters
      Don't choose the sort of put battery, accidentally forget to remove the battery, useless, for a long time to fail, and the battery is a waste of money oh, the most important is convenient, so it is best to choose the sort of rechargeable baby barber is better, don't have to worry about battery problem, every day is very easy to use.
      1. Before each use baby haircut device, need to check the baby hair cutter can commence, under the condition of the blade is damaged is likely to cut the skin;
      2. If you use electric hair machine time is too long, the host and the edge is likely to be hot, this time recommend to turn it off for 5 to 10 minutes, to prevent overheating temperature causes the discomfort of the baby;
      3. Remember to disconnect the power supply after each use.
      4. Simple dry hair to specific humidity in the clip hair;
      5. Do not put baby haircut device in the water or trim is too wet hair, otherwise easy to cause circuit fault;
      6. After failure occurs, it is strictly prohibited to disassemble repair or modification of a haircut;
      7. When trim sideburns, ears and other parts, don't too hard, don't stand too close to the skin
      8. Baby haircut are specially designed for baby hair, do not use it as a pet hair repair;
      Remember to after 9. Disconnect the power supply electric hair on the hair clean
      10. The baby hair in infants and young children is not easy to come into contact with the local

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